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FMJD (World Draughts Federation) is the international sport body uniting national draughts federations.
FMJD is a member of the SportAccord and strives for Olympic recognition.
Our strength is in the unity of draughts.
FMJD is a member of the  SportAccord

FMJD is a member of IMSA

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World Champions Checkers

World Champions Men (100)

All champions of the year
Year Name Nationality Played in Form
1948P. RoozenburgNetherlandsNetherlandsTournament
1951P. RoozenburgNetherlandsNetherlandsmatch with R.C. Keller (2+, 15=, 1-)
1952P. RoozenburgNetherlandsNetherlandsTournament
1954P. RoozenburgNetherlandsNetherlandsmatch with W. Huisman (4+, 8=, 0-)
1956M. DeslauriersCanadaNetherlandsTournament
1958I. KupermanUSSRThe Hague, Netherlandsmatch with M. Deslauriers (4+, 14=, 2-)
1959I. KupermanUSSRUSSRmatch with G.E. van Dijk (7+, 13=, 0-)
1960V. ShchegolevUSSRNetherlandsTournament
1961I. KupermanUSSRUSSRmatch with W. Chtchogoliev (2+, 18=, 0-)
1963I. KupermanUSSR match not played
1963Baba SySenegal match not played, title conferred in 1986
1964V. ShchegolevUSSRMerano, ItalyTournament
1965I. KupermanUSSRTbilisi, USSRmatch with W. Chtchogoliev (7+, 12=, 1-)
1967I. KupermanUSSRTbilisi, USSRmatch with A. Andreiko (2+, 18=, 0-)
1968A. AndreikoUSSRBolzano, ItalyTournament
1969A. AndreikoUSSRMoscow, USSRmatch with I. Kuperman (3+, 17=, 0-)
1971A. AndreikoUSSRTallinn, USSRmatch with I. Kuperman (0+, 20=, 0-)
1972T. SijbrandsNetherlandsHengelo, NetherlandsTournament
1973T. SijbrandsNetherlandsThe Hague, Netherlandsmatch with A. Andreiko (2+, 18=, 0-)
1974I. KupermanUSSR match with T. Sijbrands, forf. by Sijbrands
1976H. WiersmaNetherlandsAmsterdam, NetherlandsTournament
1978A. GantwargUSSRArco, ItalyTournament / barrage with H. Wiersma (1+, 5=, 0-)
1979H. WiersmaNetherlandsUtrecht, Netherlandsmatch with A. Gantwarg
1980A. GantwargUSSRBamako, MaliTournament
1981H. WiersmaNetherlandsDifferent locations, Netherlandsmatch with A. Gantwarg (2+, 18=, 0-)
1982J. van der WalNetherlandsSao Paulo, BrasilTournament
1983H. WiersmaNetherlandsAmsterdam, NetherlandsTournament (Compromise resolution between KNDB, SUDF and FMJD of april 1984, ratified by GA 1984.)
1983H. WiersmaNetherlandsHeerenveen, Netherlandsmatch with J. van der Wal (1+, 19=, 0-)
1984H. WiersmaNetherlandsMoscow/Rotterdam, USSR/Netherlandsmatch with V. Virni (1+, 18=, 1-)
1984A. GantwargUSSRDakar, SenegalTournament
1985A. GantwargUSSRNetherlandsmatch with R. Clerc (2+, 17=, 1-)
1986A. DybmanUSSRGroningen, NetherlandsTournament
1987A. DybmanUSSRIrkutsk, USSRmatch with A. Gantwarg (0+, 20=, 0-)
1988A. ChizhovUSSRParamaribo, SurinamTournament
1989A. ChizhovUSSRAmersfoort, Netherlandsmatch with T. Sijbrands (1+, 18=, 1-)
1990A. ChizhovUSSRGroningen, NetherlandsTournament
1991A. ChizhovRussiaTallinn, Estoniamatch with G. Valneris (6+, 10=, 0-)
1992A. ChizhovRussiaToulon, FranceTournament
1993A. ChizhovRussiaIzhevsk/Tallinn/---, Russia/Estonia/Netherlandmatch with H. Wiersma (2+, 18=, 0-)
1994G. ValnerisLatviaThe Hague, NetherlandsTournament
1995A. ChizhovRussiaYakutsk, Russiamatch with G. Valneris (2 sets+, 2 sets-)+ tie-break
1996A. ChizhovRussiaAbidjan, Ivory CoastTournament (bar. with Clerc 1+,10=, 0-)
1998A. ShvartsmanRussiaIzhevsk, Russiamatch with A. Chizhov (2 sets+, 1 set-)
2000A. ChizhovRussiaMoscow, RussiaTournament
2003A. GeorgievRussiaIzhevsk-Ufa, Russiamatch with A. Chizhov ((4 sets+, 1 set-))
2003A. GeorgievRussiaZwartsluis, HollandTournament ((replay with Chizhov, Valneris))
2004A. GeorgievRussiaUfa-Izhevsk, Russiamatch with A. Chizhov (3-1 :15 games + tiebreaks))
2005A. ChizhovRussiaAmsterdam, the NetherlandsTournament
2006A. GeorgievRussia match with A. Chizhov, withdrawal Chizhov
2007A. ShvartsmanRussiaHardenberg, NetherlandsTournament
2009A. ShvartsmanRussiaEnschede-Hengelo-Vriezenv, Netherlands match with A. Georgiev
2011A. GeorgievRussiaEmmeloord/Urk, NetherlandsTournament
2013A.GeorgievRussiaTallinn, Estoniamatch with A.Schvartzman
2013A.GeorgievRussiaUfa, RussiaTournament