Current events:
2nd IMSA Elite Mind Games
Championship of Ukraine, Final

Long-lasting events:
FMJD World Cup
Dutch Team Championship

Upcoming FMJD events:
World Championship blitz & rapid
Youth Olympiad (b+g)

Upcoming events:
International Christmas tournament
National CuraƧao Blitz Tournament 2017
Ukrainian championship, rapid and blitz
37th Golden checker youth team tournament
Championship of Suriname
Belgian Team Competition 2017-2018 Round 3

Recent events:
European Veteran Championship
Belgian Team Competition 2017-2018 Round 2
Srefidensi Open Suriname 2017
USA Open
5th Xingqiu Cup - Lishui Open
Belgian Championship Blitz 2017
"Belt and Road" Chinese Invitational Tournament
Belgian Team Competition 2017-2018 Round 1
Copa del Fuego
World Championship Youth
Italian Team Championship
24 -J.Kulikauskas memorial
Amersfoorts open damkampioenschap 2017
World Championship
World Championship Women
Italian Championship
Belarusian Championship (semifinals)
European Team Championship