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FMJD (World Draughts Federation) is the international sport body uniting national draughts federations.
FMJD is a member of the SportAccord and strives for Olympic recognition.
Our strength is in the unity of draughts.
FMJD is a member of IMSA
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  Brief Rules of Czech Draughts

* The game is played on the chess board 8 x 8 with 12 white and 12 black pieces positioned on dark fields - see diagram No. 1.
* Pieces move diagonally by one field ahead. If opponent's figure (piece or king) is positioned on the next field on a diagonal in front of a player's piece followed by a vacant field the player on move has to jump.
* If a piece finishes its move on the last row (white on fields b8, d8, f8, h8, black on a1, c1, e1, g1) it is turned into a king. Kings move diagonally ahead and also back by any number of fields.
* Pieces can jump only forwards. Kings can jump over any opponent's figures on a diagonal forwards and backwards and finish the jump on any field of a diagonal behind the jumped figures.
* Player moves with his figures to the final field of the jump while showing the direction of the jump and removes jumped figures from board only thereafter. One and the same figure can be jumped over only one time.
* Jump is obligatory and it must be finished so that the figures cannot jump further. If there are more options for a jump the player can decide which way to jump. Omitted jump - when player forgets to jump -it is considered to be accepted by the next opponent's move. Otherwise move is taken back and jump is required.
* King is obligatory to jump first - priority of king's jump to a piece's jump.
* Victory is claimed when opponent lacks move according to rules, has no more figures or his figures are blocked or he gave up.
* Draw can be reached by an agreement of players or when the same position is repeated three times and draw is claimed or if no jump or move by a piece is done within 15 moves.
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