Rules and Regulations

Official FMJD rules of international draughts and Russian Brazilian draughts

The annexes written in English are juridical superior to other translations.
The French version is not yet up-to-date.

Version may 2011
Annex 0
    Annexes - title page (Word, 51 Kb)
Annex 1
    Official FMJD rules of international draughts (Word, 50 Kb)
    Reglement officiel du jeu de dames international (Word, 59 Kb)
Annex 2
    Official FMJD rules for the organization of official FMJD competitions (Last update 19-02-2014) (PDF, 47 Kb)
    Reglement officiel pour l'organisaton des competitions FMJD (Word, 41 Kb)
Annex 3
    Official FMJD rules for competitions (Last update 19-02-2014) (PDF, 113 Kb)
    Reglement officiel en cours de competition (Word, 98 Kb)
Annex 4
    The referee (Last update 19-02-2014) (PDF, 33 Kb)
    Arbitres (Word, 36 Kb)
Annex 5
    Swiss system (Last update 19-02-2014) (PDF, 69 Kb)
    Systeme suisse (Word, 83 Kb)
Annex 6
    Rapid and blitz games (Word, 33 Kb)
    Parties accelerees (Word, 34 Kb)
Annex 8
    Simultaneous games (Last update 19-02-2014) (PDF, 38 Kb)
    Simultanee (Word, 48 Kb)
Annex 9
    FMJD rating system (Last update 19-02-2014) (PDF, 121 Kb)
    Systeme de capital de la F.M.J.D. (Word, 113 Kb)
Annex 10
    Norms and titles (Last update 19-02-2014) (PDF, 99 Kb)
    Normes et titres (Word, 161 Kb)
Annex 11
    Records (Last update 19-02-2014) (PDF, 28 Kb)
    Records (Word, 41 Kb)
Annex 12
    World Championship Women (Last update 11-11-2016) (PDF, 40 Kb)
Annex 13
    World_Championship Youth (PDF, 25 Kb)
Annex 17
    World Championship (all categories) (Last update 11-11-2016) (PDF, 50 Kb)

    FMJD Anti-Doping rules (PDF, 670 Kb)