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FMJD (World Draughts Federation) is the international sport body uniting national draughts federations.
FMJD is a member of the SportAccord and strives for Olympic recognition.
Our strength is in the unity of draughts.
FMJD is a member of the  SportAccord
FMJD is a member of IMSA FMJD is a member of AIMS

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World Champions Checkers

World Champions Men (100)

All champions of the year
Year Name Nationality Played in Form
1951P.RoozenburgNetherlandsNetherlandsmatch with R.C. Keller (2+, 15=, 1-)
1954P.RoozenburgNetherlandsNetherlandsmatch with W. Huisman (4+, 8=, 0-)
1958I.KupermanUSSRThe Hague, Netherlandsmatch with M. Deslauriers (4+, 14=, 2-)
1959I.KupermanUSSRUSSRmatch with G.E. van Dijk (7+, 13=, 0-)
1961I.KupermanUSSRUSSRmatch with W. Chtchogoliev (2+, 18=, 0-)
1963I.KupermanUSSR match not played
1963Baba SySenegal match not played, title conferred in 1986
1964V.ShchegolevUSSRMerano, ItalyTournament
1965I.KupermanUSSRTbilisi, USSRmatch with W. Chtchogoliev (7+, 12=, 1-)
1967I.KupermanUSSRTbilisi, USSRmatch with A. Andreiko (2+, 18=, 0-)
1968A.AndreikoUSSRBolzano, ItalyTournament
1969A.AndreikoUSSRMoscow, USSRmatch with I. Kuperman (3+, 17=, 0-)
1971A.AndreikoUSSRTallinn, USSRmatch with I. Kuperman (0+, 20=, 0-)
1972T.SijbrandsNetherlandsHengelo, NetherlandsTournament
1973T.SijbrandsNetherlandsThe Hague, Netherlandsmatch with A. Andreiko (2+, 18=, 0-)
1974I.KupermanUSSR match with T. Sijbrands, forf. by Sijbrands
1976H.WiersmaNetherlandsAmsterdam, NetherlandsTournament
1978A.GantwargUSSRArco, ItalyTournament / barrage with H. Wiersma (1+, 5=, 0-)
1979H.WiersmaNetherlandsUtrecht, Netherlandsmatch with A. Gantwarg
1980A.GantwargUSSRBamako, MaliTournament
1981H.WiersmaNetherlandsDifferent locations, Netherlandsmatch with A. Gantwarg (2+, 18=, 0-)
1982J.van der WalNetherlandsSao Paulo, BrasilTournament
1983H.WiersmaNetherlandsAmsterdam, NetherlandsTournament (Compromise resolution between KNDB, SUDF and FMJD of april 1984, ratified by GA 1984.)
1983H.WiersmaNetherlandsHeerenveen, Netherlandsmatch with J. van der Wal (1+, 19=, 0-)
1984H.WiersmaNetherlandsMoscow/Rotterdam, USSR/Netherlandsmatch with V. Virni (1+, 18=, 1-)
1984A.GantwargUSSRDakar, SenegalTournament
1985A.GantwargUSSRNetherlandsmatch with R. Clerc (2+, 17=, 1-)
1986A.DybmanUSSRGroningen, NetherlandsTournament
1987A.DybmanUSSRIrkutsk, USSRmatch with A. Gantwarg (0+, 20=, 0-)
1988A.ChizhovUSSRParamaribo, SurinamTournament
1989A.ChizhovUSSRAmersfoort, Netherlandsmatch with T. Sijbrands (1+, 18=, 1-)
1990A.ChizhovUSSRGroningen, NetherlandsTournament
1991A.ChizhovRussiaTallinn, Estoniamatch with G. Valneris (6+, 10=, 0-)
1992A.ChizhovRussiaToulon, FranceTournament
1993A.ChizhovRussiaIzhevsk/Tallinn/---, Russia/Estonia/Netherlandmatch with H. Wiersma (2+, 18=, 0-)
1994G.ValnerisLatviaThe Hague, NetherlandsTournament
1995A.ChizhovRussiaYakutsk, Russiamatch with G. Valneris (2 sets+, 2 sets-)+ tie-break
1996A.ChizhovRussiaAbidjan, Ivory CoastTournament (bar. with Clerc 1+,10=, 0-)
1998A.ShvartsmanRussiaIzhevsk, Russiamatch with A. Chizhov (2 sets+, 1 set-)
2000A.ChizhovRussiaMoscow, RussiaTournament
2003A.GeorgievRussiaIzhevsk-Ufa, Russiamatch with A. Chizhov ((4 sets+, 1 set-))
2003A.GeorgievRussiaZwartsluis, HollandTournament ((replay with Chizhov, Valneris))
2004A.GeorgievRussiaUfa-Izhevsk, Russiamatch with A. Chizhov (3-1 :15 games + tiebreaks))
2005A.ChizhovRussiaAmsterdam, the NetherlandsTournament
2006A.GeorgievRussia match with A. Chizhov, withdrawal Chizhov
2007A.ShvartsmanRussiaHardenberg, NetherlandsTournament
2009A.ShvartsmanRussiaEnschede-Hengelo-Vriezenv, Netherlands match with A. Georgiev
2011A.GeorgievRussiaEmmeloord/Urk, NetherlandsTournament
2013A.GeorgievRussiaTallinn, Estoniamatch with A.Schvartzman
2013A.GeorgievRussiaUfa, RussiaTournament
2015A.GeorgievRussiaIzmir, Turkeymatch with J.M.Ndjofang (+0=7-0)
2015A.GeorgievRussiaEmmen, NetherlandsTournament